What I Offer

I co-design and facilitate transformative virtual and in-person group experiences where people come together to build relationships, gain new insights, and  envision, plan, and implement change.

I work with social changemakers, public servants, education advocates, and organizational leaders to plan and lead dialogues, workshops, meetings, trainings, retreats, and other gatherings, with a focus on advancing social equality, systemic equity, collective healing, human rights, and social justice.

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Organizational Dialogue & Consensus Building

Thinking Together: Dialogues and Consensus Workshops are processes that support the group to think together about internal culture and systems, or external mission-centered work.

In Dialogue, the group explores and better understands complex issues. As a dialogue facilitator, I uphold the structures and guidelines and offer key questions, so that the group can fully and authentically discover new insights, meanings and answers of the issues.

In Workshops, the group creatively brainstorms ideas and works toward consensus to make clear decisions or find solutions. As a workshop facilitator, I pay attention to the needs of the group and guide a process of systematized, step-by-step exercises, so that the group can pay full attention to the issues and questions at hand and reach clear outcomes, identify key next steps, and accomplish collective goals.

Justice, Equity, & Inclusion
Leadership Development

Growing Together: The Leadership Development offerings move beyond one-way training sessions, and draw on the participation and knowledge of the full group to develop key competencies for justice and equity-centered group leadership.

Facilitation Skills Development Programs are specialized courses in which participants learn about and expand their capacity to guide group processes, whith an emphasis on issues of inclusion, equity, and power in groups.

  • Introduction to Intergroup Dialogue (in partnership with Anna Yeakley Consulting)
  • Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation (in partnership with Anna Yeakley Consulting)

Experiential Learning Cohorts are multi-session courses that provide an opportunity to dive deeply into key issues and questions of personal and professional development. Cohort programs allow for participants to develop relationships as they engage in critical reflection, and ultimately create plans to implement their learning in personal and professional contexts.

  • Flocking Through the Fire: A Healing Justice Cohort for Critical Educators of Color

Keynotes & Lectures are short, interactive learning sessions that introduce key concepts, theories, and frameworks that support groups to create personal and collective change.


Strategic Planning & Action

Doing Together: Strategic Visioning, Planning, & Action projects use the dialogue and workshop processess to guide a group in developing a shared vision and an actionable plan to move toward achieving their long term equity and justice goals.

Visioning, Planning, & Action processes include all or some of the following elements:

  • Vision, Mission, & Values Development
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Action Plan Development & Implementation

Who I Serve

Social Change & Nonprofit:

Advocacy, activist, & direct service organizations


Schools, districts and networks, colleges and universities, alternative and popular education

Public Service:

Local government, civic programs, commissions, & taskforces

Community Organizations:

Arts, culture, faith, youth, & neighborhood organizations

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